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Table 1 Abbreviations

From: A decentralized trustworthiness estimation model for open, multiagent systems (DTMAS)

Abbreviation Description
A Society of Agents
AD Honest witness
BSI Basic Suspension Interval
D Depth
DT The direct trust estimation
DTMAS Decentralized Trustworthiness Estimation Model for Open, Multi-agent Systems
FOCET Functional Ontology of Context for Evaluating Trust
FT Fraudulent Threshold
HT Honesty Threshold
IT The Indirect Trust estimation
IV Transaction Importance
MANET Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork
MAS Multi-agent System
MC Monte Carlo
MDP Markov Decision Process
PNT The reduction fraction of the reported trust
r rating
RF Referee
RL Reinforcement Learning
RM Relevancy Matrix
RT Reported Trust
ST Satisfactory Threshold
SUS Suspension penalty
T Set of possible tasks
TD Temporal-difference
TE Trustee
TR Truster
TRAVOS Trust and Reputation in the Context of Inaccurate Information Sources
IT Integrated Trustworthiness Estimation
UG Utility Gain
TD Temporal-difference
WDT Witnesses Differences Threshold
WFT Witnesses Fraudulence Threshold
WHT Witnesses Honesty Threshold
WM Weight Matrix
ZRP Zone Routing Protocol