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Table 2 Simulation framework variables

From: A trust-based framework for vehicular travel with non-binary reports and its validation via an extensive simulation testbed

Parameter name Description Representation Default value
Honest agents Percent of honest agents. Hon # (0.5 is 50% honesty) 0.5
Number of agents Number of agents and cars simulated in the tests. Agent # (100 is 100 agents) 100
Message interval Interval between congestion request messages sent by the agents. MsgI #-# (6–15 is 6–15 second message intervals) 6-15
Profiling Use of profiling. No P indicates no use of profiling (False) True (Basic, Full)
Role Use of role based trust. Role # (0.2 is 20% agents are given a role aboveOrdinary) 0(Basic) 0.2(Full)
Time closeness Use of time closeness factor. Time False(Basic) True(Full)
Location closeness Use of location closeness factor. Loc False(Basic) True(Full)
Indirect messages Use of indirect messages. Indirect False(Basic) True(Full)
Information sparsity Percent of agent trust updates ignored to simulate data sparsity. MThresh # (0.6 means 60% of trust updates are ignored) 0
Dishonest Lie Percent Percent of the time a dishonest agent lies. Lie # (0.8 is 80% of the time dishonest agents lie) 1